Oficiální soundtrack Horizon Forbidden West - Collector's Vinyl Box Set na 6x LP

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  • Sběratelský box set soundtracku ke hře Horizon Forbidden West od Guerilla Games. Na 6 LP najdete skladby z dlouho očekávaného pokračování hry Horizon Zero Dawn z roku 2017. O hudbu se postarali Niels van der Leest, The Flight, Oleksa Lozowchuk a Joris De Man.

    DISK 1

    1. Whatever Comes (Feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan)
    2. Aloy's Theme - Forbidden West (Feat. Julie Elven)
    3. In the Flood (Feat. Ariana Gillis)
    4. The World On Her Shoulders (Feat. Julie Elven)
    5. Echo of You (Feat. Melissa R. Kaplan)
    6. Unity
    7. No Footfalls to Follow
    8. These Stones Unturned
    9. Riddles in Ruins
    10. Wither and Ache
    11. The Chorus
    12. A Scattered Reflection

    DISK 2

    1. Shelter from the Storm
    2. Restricted Access
    3. A Promise to Uphold (Feat. Julie Elven)
    4. The Sky Remade
    5. Edge of the Sundom
    6. Rusted Sands
    7. Machine Made
    8. Trinity (Feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan)
    9. The Wings of the Ten (Feat. Julie Elven)
    10. Resilience to Rise (Feat. Julie Elvan and Melissa R. Kaplan)
    11. In the Flood (Feat. Lovisa Bergdahl)

    DISK 3

    1. All Fall Down
    2. The Long Road Back
    3. Savior of Meridian
    4. Valley's Descent
    5. Clear the Way
    6. In All Its Splendor
    7. A Wager Over Barrels
    8. Commander's Orders
    9. Storming the Gates
    10. Born in Blood
    11. Bloodied and Broken
    12. The Embers in Our Wake
    13. Dawn Eases Night
    14. Hollowed Out
    15. Solitude's Shore

    DISK 4

    1. As Verdants Limbs Wither
    2. Silhouettes
    3. As Before, We Are (Feat. Musica Intima)
    4. Sacred Decay
    5. Blood Shed On Stone
    6. Pride's Fall
    7. Strike from the Sky
    8. All Will Be Run Red
    9. Delver's Dream
    10. Showtime
    11. Night Life
    12. The Eye That Reveals
    13. Every Secret, a Maze
    14. The Corner of Your Eye
    15. The Way of the Desert

    DISK 5

    1. Eternal Conceit
    2. A Whispered Plea
    3. Legacy's Landfall
    4. Pride of the Expedition
    5. Entombed
    6. Look Deeper (Feat. Julie Elven and Melissa R. Kaplan)
    7. All That Remains
    8. Singular Purpose
    9. Point of No Return
    10. This Place, This Moment (Feat. Julie Elven)

    DISK 6

    1. Storm On the Rise
    2. Coiled Strike
    3. In the Dust, to the Death
    4. Search and Destroy
    5. Sudden Surge
    6. Ride the Edge
    7. Primal Steel
    8. Claws in the Hollow
    9. Sharpened Instinct
    10. Imperator
    11. No Delve Without Danger
    12. Far from Rest
    13. Steel the Mind
    14. The Pride of the Arena

    Oficiální soundtrack Horizon Forbidden West - Collector's Vinyl Box Set na 6x LPForbidden West ost
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